Dermatographia is best understood in a photo. It is hard to explain but easy to see. Once you see it, you will begin to notice it other places. Mostly, you will see pictures of people’s skin.

Do you have Dermatographia? Share your photo with us on our website or on our Facebook page. Here are some of the more common pictures of Dermatographia that we see.

Back and Shoulders

The back is one of the most common areas where dermatographia symptoms are seen. That is because it is a place many people itch and scratch without realizing it.

Dermatographia Photo on the Back

Because the back and shoulders are often covered, it can mean dermatographia can go unnoticed for awhile. You can even sleep the entire night itching your back, only to show symptoms in the morning when you wake up.

Chest and Stomach

The chest and stomach are another part of the body where dermatographia is easy to photograph. Clothing is often the cause of initial redness, including shirts that are too tight or rub your skin until it turns red.

Dermatographia Example image on the stomach

Stomach dermatographia can be some of the most painful, due to the relative sensitivity of the skin. It can be extremely tempting to itch and scratch because it is so accessible on the body. The itching then turns into scratch marks as your nails contact your chest and stomach.

Arm and Forearm

Most dermatographia images you will see online will be of the arms, wrists, and forearms. That is because this is the part of the body that is the most visible to others. And in the case of skin writing, it also allows for an accessible place to use pressure to write words and messages.

Picture of Dermatographia on the Arm

Head and Neck

The head is not a common place where dermatographia pictures are seen due to the rarity of scratching the forehead. However, when pressure is applied to the head and neck area, redness and swelling is common.

Pictures of Dermatographia on the Neck

With the neck in particular, nervous habits can lead to lines and inflammation fairly easily. It is also not uncommon to see redness or swelling after only a few minutes on the neck for many people.

Creative Patterns

There are many creative uses and patterns you may see by people online with dermatographia. These creative skin writing examples can take minutes for a simple pattern, or hours for a more complex one.

creative Dermatographia pattern with writing the skin

These patters can be created on any part of the body. Some of the more common ones are hearts and flowers, but some are completely unique to the artist who drew them.

Skin Writing

One trend we see is people with dermatographia taking pictures of words and phrases on their skin. This is called skin writing and it is a great way to take a positive approach to urticaria in all of it’s forms.

Dermatographia Skin Writing

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