My Dermatographia Story

Oh the joys of having dermatographia. That first moment when you realize that it’s more than an itch. The first time you rip off all your clothes because you can’t stop scratching yourself. The embarrassment of not knowing what’s wrong with you, and not knowing how to cure it. That’s why I created this website.

20 Years of Symptoms

I first started noticing signs of dermatographia almost 20 years ago. I was going for a jog on a cold winter morning and noticed that my head was starting to itch. I took off my hat that I was wearing and held it in my hands as I continued running. I thought that would fix it. Instead I notice my lower back was itchy. I started feeling welts down my arms and on my shoulders. That’s when I knew something was wrong.

Welcome to my website. I hope this information is helpful to you.

The day I found out I had dermatographia was the day I felt most alone. Since that moment, and with each passing day, I have found others like me. From doing searches online, to browsing social media, it’s clear there are thousands of others around the world just like me.

Causes I Discovered

I have done hundreds of hours of research into what causes dermatographia. If there is an article or blog post on line, chances are that I have read it. And the sad part is that most of the people writing about dermatographia has never experienced it before. That is where I am different.

I know what causes my dermatographia, because I have experienced it first hand. I have scratched my skin without thinking, only to find myself feeling what almost could be described as torture. Almost as if you were constantly getting stung by an insect or that you feel in poison ivy. That was all the motivation I needed to learn about my causes, and talk to others about their condition.

The consensus from most people seems to be that it is caused by a combination of genetics, poor diet, stress, and your environment. Some say that it is completely caused by a virus. Others believe that it is brought on by a chronic issue with your immune system or some type of acute traumatic event that your body could not respond to you.

Treatment That Worked for Me

There are many different treatment options for dermatographia. There are websites, experts, and natural remedies that people claim work. But one thing is sure if you have dermatographia, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

I found that a combination of genetics, too many acid foods in my diet, clothing, and stress were my primary issues. So naturally, understanding my genetics came first. After that, I worked to find dietary options and clothing that I found lessened my symptoms and pain. And finally, working to reduce my overall stress continued to reduce outbreaks and severe reactions.

If you look across the internet, you can see hundreds of stories of people who have found ways to improve their symptoms with simple treatment options. Many people have tried many different things to find a cure. And many of them have reported improving better quality of life, lessening their symptoms, or even completely reversing dermatographia altogether.

Impact of Diet on Symptoms

I have found that one of the most powerful tools to combat dermatographia is your diet. What you eat can have a major effect on how your body responds to inflammation. And the reality is that we are constantly eating food and drinking things that can either make our symptoms better or worse.

The most frustrating years I had with dermatographia are the years that I ate and drank anything that I wanted. There were moments where I was so depressed because I would eat a meal and then find myself itching my body for hours and hours afterwards. I would almost cry at times out of hopelessness.

I am not saying that your diet can cure your dermatographia. But what I am saying, is that for most people, diet does have an effect on either increasing or decreasing their dermatographia. And once I started trying different things with my diet, I started feeling more hope.

Stress As a Contributing Factor

You will definitely notice more issues with dermatographia when you are stressed. When the body is under a tremendous amount of stress, it response by releasing cortisol and other chemicals. Much like my experimentation with my diet, I have experimented with different types of stress management techniques.

The worst my dermatographia has ever been, was at a time when my diet was horrible, my stress was high, and I had never researched dermatographia or skin conditions. In life, knowledge is generally power. And in the case of your skin, understanding how your respond to stress can make all the difference.

Everyone’s skin responds to stress differently. Some people can be incredibly stressed and show less physical symptoms than others. I know some with dermatographia that get flare ups within minutes of being introduced into a stressful situation. Since dermatographia is by nature and immune system response, it makes sense that when your body senses attack a.k.a. stress it will respond with increased inflammation.

There is Hope for Dermatographia

For those of us who suffer with dermatographia, we know it’s name well. For others who do not have the disease, they may already be familiar with skin writing. It gives me great joy to see people around the world taking pictures of their skin and sharing them with others.

Pictures of dermatographia are more common today than ever before. You can find them on Pinterest, Facebook, or even on YouTube videos. That is why it is so important to share pictures of your dermatographia. If for no other reason, then to spread awareness of the problems that many of us face each and every day.

Thank you for stopping by and please share any feedback you might have by using our contact form. Do you have dermatographia? I would love to hear from you.