One of the most common questions about dermatographia is related to treatment options. That is because the symptoms of dermatographia can be painful, frustrating, and at times downright depressing. There are a wide range of remedies that are recommended by everyone from Doctors to health and wellness professionals.

I have dermatographia. And I have had it for more than 20 years. During that time I have tried almost everything that can be Google searched, YouTube’d, and found on trusted medical websites. I can tell you that a lot of what you read online will be written by someone who has never actually had dermatographia or any painful skin condition before.

Example of Treating Dermatographia on the Back

My goals might be different from your goals. So, it is worth pointing out that I am on a journey for a long-term solution. Yes, I have been in the place where you would give anything for some relief! I know how it feels to itch and itch again until your back is so raw it feels like it is on fire.

My journey to discovering natural treatments began after online searches and several visits to the doctor yielded no help. I was prescribed steroids, topical cremes, anti-itch medication, and a whole host of other things. And no matter what I tried I never got long-term relief from my symptoms.

Mayo Clinic Recommended Treatment for Dermatographia

Just look at the Google result above and then read the following quote:

However, if the condition is severe or bothersome, your doctor may recommend antihistamine medications such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), fexofenadine (Allegra) or cetirizine (Zyrtec).

Mayo Clinic Website

I have tried Benadryl, and Allegra, and Zyrtec. Those are allergy medications. They simply mask the external manifestations of an internal problem. The moment I stopped taking the pills and applying the steroid cremes, my itching just came back again.

How to Treat Dermatographia Itching on the Skin

Ultimately, I want to find relief not just for a moment or a day, but for my life. So these types of treatments I have personally found to work for me. All I can offer is my opinion based on personal experience. This is the reason why I created this website to share my story and help others.

Types of Treatment

Most people look for both short-term treatment options and long-term treatment options. I say short-term because there are moments where you will simply be desperate for any type of relief from needing to itch and claw at your swollen skin. And long-term because after a few years of battling with redness and itching, you will feel a bit hopeless inside. I know I did.

I have found in my experience that there are three basic ways you can treat dermatographia urticaria. This is based on my personal experience of over 20 years of doctors visitors, trial and error, and various healthy diets. Treatment for dermatographia involves three primary areas: prevention, reducing inflammation, and healing the body.

Prevention Treatment

In my opinion, preventing dermatographia flare ups is the best treatment option. Mainly because I have found that dermatographia on the outside of the body is a reflection of the conditions of the immune system and hormones inside the body.

First, you have to know your body and how it responds to various diets. Many of the people I have spoken with talk about having other auto-immune disorders that they battle like Hashimoto’s. If that is you, then you certainly know and understand the impact your diet can have on your body. Check out my diet page for more information.

A healthy diet improved my dermatographia symptoms

Second, you need to make sure you are putting yourself in the best possible mental state each day. This starts with understanding that being stressed out will generally harm your body, no matter what it is you are dealing with. And in the case of skin problems and dermatographism, I found it will exponentially make your problems worse.

Finally, you need to make sure your dermatographia is not the symptoms of a deeper issue in your body. This website is no about avoiding seeing a qualified dermatologist or a doctor, please go see one if you have not already! It is a good idea to have blood work done, including having someone look at your skin who is a professional.

Inflammation Treatment

Inflammation is probably the hardest part of having dermatographia for me personally. It’s the swelling that happens after the itching that is so incredibly painful and frustrating. And, in the early days before I realized I had an issue with my skin, the inflammation would happen for hours on end.

First, ensure your clothes fit you properly. It took me almost two years of wondering why certain clothes would itch more than others, or why when I wore something to tight I would end up in pain after a few hours. Now, I could care less how I look or how people think of me. I wear the most comfortable loose fitting clothes that I can find.

Loose Fitting Clothing Will Sooth Skin Inflammation

For example, I no longer buy ankle cut socks because they tend to cut off circulation and cause inflammation. I would also recommend you focus on eliminating itchy fabrics or any fabric that will irritate your skin. This is also going to be largely a process of trial and error. Be quick to give things away or if they are old just throw them away. It is not worth it if your favorite piece of clothing causes you to be in pain.

If you are facing inflammation and need immediate treatment, use calming lotions with aloe vera and natural skin care products. There are certainly alternatives that I keep handy like prescription topical cremes for intense flair ups, but thankfully I do not need to use those much anymore. Instead I have found that if I am proactive about using lotion and cleaning up my diet, I greatly reduce my chance of requiring serious medical treatment.

Skin Soothing Lotion Helps Treat Dermatographia Inflammation
Andalou is one of my favorite cooling lotions for the face and neck area

Avoid prolonged exposure to heat such as showers or saunas. As much I used to love sitting in hot tubs and taking hot showers, I have learned that a small itch can turn into a painful welt after 10 minutes in a hot tub. The reality is that any inflammation you have will only be made worse with exposure to heat. That is why you have to be mindful of when and for how long you get too hot.

Health & Wellness Treatment

The most effective treatment program I have found is one that does not focus on a single thing or medicine. By focusing on being a healthier person, with a better diet, and less stress, my dermatographia has gradually gotten better over time.

Focus on long-term results and not short term quick fixes. As tempting as it is to load up on harmful prescriptions and medicines, my personal experience has been to avoid them. That is because you need to work on avoiding medicines and steroids that mask your symptoms. Because your symptoms are your clues to what is causing your dermatographia!

You have to find a treatment option that works for you. And the reality is that is going to take, patience, and being observant. Don’t be discouraged, with time and discipline my dermatographia got better, and I believe that yours can too.