Is My Dermatographia Contagious to Others?

Group of people close to each other with dermatographia

One of the most common questions I get from others is, “is dermatographia contagious?”. After all, there is a lot of misinformation regarding dermatographia. And let’s be honest, something that spreads rapidly over your skin looks like it could be contagious to others.

The reality is that dermatographia is not contagious. It cannot be spread to another person, no matter how much contact you may have.

Dermatographia happens due to factors inside your body. It is generally caused by a combination of auto-immune weakness, poor diet, excess stress, and of course genetics.

Why is their confusion?

Many people are used to other diseases or viruses that manifest itself through contact with others. Think about the chicken pox, something that many people have as a child.

Chicken pox is spread directly by touching an infected person. It is also spread through the air if you are near someone who has it. And because people see dermatographia on your skin, their first reaction is to think it’s something contagious that they caught from another person.

Dermatographia is not a virus that you can catch or cure. I have worked for 20 years and have been unable to completely eliminate it from my life. However, there is hope to get relief from the symptoms and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Just know that if you have dermatographia, don’t worry! You cannot spread it to your significant other, family, or friends. One of the ways that I have found to cope with dermatographia is to be open and honest about it with those closest to me.

If you are worried about spreading dermatographia to others, many times you will be afraid to admit there is a problem. It is only when we share our weaknesses that we can begin to overcome them.

If you have dermatographia, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a quick note or connect with our Facebook page.

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