How Rare is Dermatographia According to Science?

How rare is dermatographia skin problems in people?

How rare is dermatographia? It is a question many of us have asked once we find out that our annoying itching and redness is actually a medical condition. However, getting the best information is harder than you might think.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dermatographia affects 5% of people worldwide. However, I feel like the number is higher based on scientific data I have seen.

If you look at the searches related to skin itching and inflammation that happen every day online, combined with the trends globally, it is clear that dermatographia is no longer a “rare” condition. After all, the word rare means highly uncommon, sparse, and infrequent.

In my personal opinion, there is nothing uncommon about the number of people suffering from dermatographia worldwide. Here are a few additional statistics about the occurrence of dermatographia in the general population:

A Global Problem

I first heard about dermatographia in the United States. But the more I looked around online the more I saw people from many countries, languages, and cultures who struggled with it. With dermatographia, you need just look at a map to see it affects us all.

Global Outbreak of Dermatographia Cases

Consider that this is a global problem. Have empathy for those who are worried about passing on dermatographia to their family or just learning about their condition for the very first time. The incredible thing about everyone living in the world is we all have skin. And struggling with itching or swelling is something we can all understand and relate to.

Challenging to Diagnose

One problem with accurately measuring how rare dermatographia is related to it’s nature as a skin condition and where it occurs on the body. For some of us, dermatographia symptoms show up on the arms or neck. However, for others, they see it more on parts of the body normally covered by clothing.

Dermatographia Causes by a Shirt

That is why spreading awareness is so important. It is such a challenge to get an accurate count because many people do not realize that they have it. I will regularly see people say that until they took off their clothes to shower or bath, they had no idea they had welts or marks on their body.

The Growing Need

In my opinion, Dermatographia used to be rare. But the data says otherwise. If you look at a 15-year trend line based on Google trends, you will see that searches have doubled or tripled each year over the last 10 years or so. There are now Reddit pages and Pinterest boards, all specifically focused on dermatographia.

Increase in Dermatographia Cases Over Time

This trending data shows that while it might have affected 2-5% of the population in the past, it is rapidly growing. And in the last several years, there are several huge spikes of searches online that correlate with more news articles being published about dermatographia by others.

Commonly Searched

Itching is very common. There is no surprise there. But did you know almost 15,000 people a month look for dermatographia related information online? When you consider the global searches, as well as pictures related to dermatographia, it is clear that there are a lot of individuals impacted by this condition each day.

Number of Monthly Searches for Dermatographia Online

Dermatographia is not as rare as you might think. Ultimately, the number of people who have this condition are growing every day. If you have dermatographia, know that you are not alone. And there are several treatment options that can help.

The goal of this website is to provide information that you cannot get anywhere else. That is because nobody understands dermatographia and how common or rare it is like someone who has had it for 20+ years.

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